Information about Third Place

How it works

How it works: Our platform is simple

1. Discover your Third Place to work remotely based on features and locality (for example, a local cafe with free Wi-Fi and a quiet space for 2-4 people by the window or by a fireplace)

2. Read the “Booking Information" to understand what you get for the price per day in the listing (for example, a booking for $7 reserves your the space and gets you 1 smoothie or milkshake complimentary, or a booking for $50 reserves you a collaboration table space and gets you $60 in credit to use in the venue on any items on the menu)  

3. Book the space by setting the day and proceeding to checkout 

4. Liaise with the venue (if required) using our messaging feature to discuss arrival time or any other important information 

5. If you’re working with colleagues, let them know or share the space with them 

6. Go to the Space on your booking date and show them your booking on our platform so they can mark it "complete" 

7. Enjoy the space while working productively and collaboratively! 

It’s that simple.