Information about Third Place



What do remote working spaces have to do with restaurants, cafes and hotels?

With comfortable seating, power outlets, and delicious food and beverage options abound, hospitality venues make for great remote working spaces. These remote working spaces are different. It’s not home, it’s not the office, we like to call these spaces the Third Place!



We are a marketplace for people to discover and reserve inspiring, productive and collaborative spaces to work remotely as a balance between working from home and the office. Places such as cafes, restaurants, hotel rooms, bars/pubs, libraries, bookstores, parks, universities, and other creative spaces.



Our places offer the perfect environment to work. Whether it's free WiFi, a private or quiet space, power cord access, free parking, bike racks, a window view with natural sunlight, or a cosy space by the fireplace. Employees can choose from a secluded single space or a collaborative space for 4 to 10+ people working together.



We are deeply passionate about the hospitality sector and public places as we believe these spaces are the essence of community culture. Our love for cafes, restaurants, hotels, food culture and the enjoyment of our beautiful public spaces define our purpose.


Working from home is part of the "new normal" as workplaces around the world adopt flexible and remote working arrangements. Yet mental health and well-being is often overlooked. Let's be honest working from home is isolating! And workplace collaboration is often lost.